Marquee Hire Attached to House

"Butt up" a marquee to your house

Seamlessly walk from your room into your marquee without knowing you're outside... 

Let us install a marquee over your doors instantly giving you that much needed space for your event.  The marquee can be installed over bi fold doors, french doors, sliding doors...any doors!  

Give your event the extra capacity it needs and take the pressure off the house.  Also perfect for 18th birthday parties if you're worried about your living room carpets!

No physical drilling is required to but up a marquee to your house.  It leans against the house ensuring it doesn't damage your property in any way.

See more here from my blog post about attaching a marquee to your house

They can be installed over most doors including french doors, sliding doors and bi fold doors.  Most domestic gazebo’s are not tall enough to reach over doors.  Commercial marquees from most hire companies have enough height to reach over the tallest of bi fold doors.

If you are attaching a marquee over doors it is best to leave this to companies who do this week in and week out.  To create an air tight seal which is a must during the cold winter periods you need custom kit which isn’t available to buy online.  Otherwise you’ll have gaps between the marquee and the house, bringing in the cold making the whole thing pointless…so leave it to the pros!

Previous Examples

The eave height of a marquee will allow you to attach a marquee to your house really easily.  You can then just step from your house seamlessly into the marquee as if it was another room giving you that much needed space for your party.

Party in your Garden are proud to say we are part of the most reviewed events hire company in the UK and by builidng over 400 events every year, it makes us the most experienced marquee hire company in the UK too!

The Hire Process

Here at Party in your Garden Marquee Hire our trained team install your marquee a day or so before your event date, and remove your marquee a day or so after so you do not have to do a thing!

We run all power cables from your house into the marquee.  






“Wow!! My husband didn’t think I needed a marquee for my 40th & it wouldn’t work on our split level decking in a small garden….. It was amazing!

It looked great & our guests were very impressed! 

Mark & his team were very professional & easy to deal with. Mark even answered all my last minute panic questions 

Thanks Guys xx"

Sarah Morris |  40th bday | 6m x 4m in Shenley