The marquee is going on my patio…will I need flooring?

Yes.  Yes you do!  We pretty much refuse/avoid installing marquees on a hard surface without flooring.  For good reason…

When I first have conversations with my customers who tell me their marquee is going on their patio so they don’t need flooring I send them straight to this post to explain why it’s never a good idea to not have a floor inside your marquee.

We actually recommend a floor MORE for a hard surface, than on grass.  Here’s why…

If the weather isn’t perfect you’ll encounter all sorts of problems.

We recommend a floor for marquees installed on a patio MORE than grass!

When a marquee is installed on a hard surface such as a patio there is a high chance it’s going to be attached over a set of doors on the back of a house.  The marquee will be used as another room to the house giving the user more space for a party.

If this marquee didn’t have flooring installed and it rained the patio thats actually covered by a marquee will still get soaking wet.


  1.  Wet patios mean a wet house

All patios if build correct are not level.  They have a natural slope built into them.  This prevents standing water freezing overnight in winter turning your patio into a set from Dancing on Ice.

So what happens is rain falls on the marquee roof, dropping onto the patio outside of the marquee, the slope then making the rainwater run back inside the marquee.

You then end up with a wet surface with 30 pairs of size 9’s bringing in the moisture and dirt back into the house.  YUK.

I personally couldn’t of anything worse than mopping up floors hungover the next day!  That said I’m not really too sure what to suggest about your cream carpets either…

A hard floor system installed means it can rain as much as it likes the raised floor means the carpets won’t get wet at all.

This marquee is attached to a house on patio with a hard floor and carpet installed.

2. No floor, no warmth!

Having a hard floor and carpet installed on your marquee also raises the height of the floor by an inch or two.  It means that the floor is insulated which will be a godsend if your event falls between September – April.

It’s a must pretty much I can’t think of many events we’ve done in these winter months that we haven’t put a floor in.  Usually we turn down jobs that unfortunately haven’t got the budget to afford a floor.  I know it won’t work and I don’t want to play a part in somebody being very cold for their event!

It’s our first recommendation for all events, including yours!

To give you an idea of how much a hard floor & carpet cost – for an average sized garden marquee you’re looking at around £130-£140 including installation.  

Got another question?

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